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Presentation on the artist's website:

"Created as both installation and publication, End. is a collaborative work by Eamonn Doyle, Niall Sweeney and David Donohoe. Built around the photographs of Doyle, it also features drawing and sound by Sweeney and Donohoe.

End. gives equal significance to the city and its population, their combined forces continuously shaping each other. Individual journeys of everyday life are compacted repetitively into the same streets. Dubliners wear away at the autonomy of their city, while the streets themselves become a kind of sculptural civic mental State. Dublin, its light and its people, carry out dance-like actions, swapping roles in a series of short plays. End. unfolds as a sequence of events — loops of time and place — revealing a city whose concrete is as plastic as the movement of its inhabitants."

Design by Pony Ltd.

Full description of content:

 - End. is a set of 13 sections all brought together in a white leatherette slipcase, with black-embossed drawings and tip-in title sheet, wrapped in yellow cellophane (each section is folded to 200 x 280 mm, portrait, and featuring 273 photographs, 20 ink drawings and a 7” vinyl sound work).
 - One yellow book, thread sewn, printed in black duotone with screen-printed drawings.
 - Two black books, thread sewn, printed with silver inks.
 - Three full-colour books, thread sewn, with screen-printed drawings.
 - Four concertina-folded double-sided diptychs in full-colour with screen-printed drawings.
 - One large full-colour double-sided folded map.
 - One 7” vinyl record tucked inside a printed and folded glassine poster.
 - At the centre of the work is a concertina-folded double-sided full-colour triptych.

This trilogy will be on display during the French festival Rencontres de la photographie de Arles from July 4th to September 25th, 2016 at "Espace Van Gogh" (an impressive exhibition of 128 prints!).

NB : The images presented here come from the artist's website.

Warning : on our last copy, Eamonn Doyle's signature (on the cristal poster wrapping the book) has bled a bit... It looks like it was touched before the ink had dried...

Self-published via D1, 2016

Format : 20 x 28 cm


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