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Presentation by Filigranes:    [translation L'Ascenseur Végétal]

" Mathieu Pernot selected over 350 postcards from the LAPIE company, aerial views, to recreate through a visual assembly process an imaginary map of France in the 1950-1960 years.

Connected by their patterns and motifs, like the pieces of a large jigsaw puzzle map, they form continuities of landscapes and of horizon lines that invite a travelling of the eye across the regions of France. An unlikely mountain chain appears, in which the summits of the Pyrénées, the Alps and the Massif Central coexist. The coastline has developped by successive collages of seaside images where the Atlantic Coast neighbors those of the Channel or the Mediterranean. Bridges of different generations span across the map, just as roads do, and railways and rivers.

This project, taking the form of a slipcase containing 12 pieces of this strange jigsaw puzzle, allows to recreate a 2 sq. meter (20 sq. ft.) imaginary map and discover this collection of unpublished postcards."

Includes 12 folded A3-format modules and a 16-page "rules of the game" illustrated booklet.

Doubles pages and booklet inserted in a soft slipcase

Filigranes, 2017

Format : 24.5 x 33.5 cm

New - Mint condition

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Pernot, Mathieu

Mathieu Pernot is a French photographer. His work goes along the lines of documentary photography but Pernot twists its protocols in order to explore alternative formulas and build and multiple-voices narration.
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