For the Sake of Future Days (*signed*)

@ Saiki, Katsuhiro

N/A - AV0046


For the Sake of Future Days is a photobook by Katsuhiro Saiki that doesn't really fit in any category, it is actually even a bit bewildering.

In an unusual presentation, here is how I mentioned the book in an email the day I received it :
"I feel like I need to talk about it or read something about it to help me get the feel of the book, interpret it... I haven't done that yet, but still I am attracted to the book because of unanswered questions, the unusual image associations, the cropping, the superimpositions, etc.

The alternations of the styles of images is very intriguing, and I have already re-opened the book 3 times when I have so many other things to do !"

22 pages - Softcover

Session Press, 2013 (300 copies)


New - Mint condition

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