List of photobooks by photographer Okabe, Momo

Momo Okabe is a Japanese photographer

Her photography work is centered around gender transition. She documented and chronicled the transition of two of her friends, including explicit images of the surgeries, in her first two photobooks:  "Dildo" (2013) and "Bible" (2014), both published by Session Press. In 2015, she receives the FOAM Paul Huf Award for these works.

In her third photobook "Ilmatar", the first published in Japan (Mandarake, 2020), she widen the gaze and looks into the intimacy of her circle of close friends, many of them transgender, in contemporary Japan.

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    .LAST COPY!. NB: The title of this book is sometimes spelled "Irmatar" in Roman letters. Presentation by Mandarake: " It's been six years since Dildo (2013) and Bible (2014), both published by Session Press in New York. With no advertising or publicity, Momo Okabe's works have become highly acclaimed and have won various national and international...

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  • .Sold out.Publisher's presentation: "Bible compiles Okabe's recent works including many unpublished photographs taken in Tokyo, Miyagi and India between 2010 and 2013. This will be Okabe's second US monograph published by Session Press following her unique artist book Dildo in 2013.Bible is a testament to the unwavering complexity of Okabe's everyday life...

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