Supertourist (*signed*)

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Supertourist is a new interpretation by Max Pam of the large body of work accumulated within the last 10 years during his travels in all parts of the globe.

The artist sort-of "traveled" within this large archive to conceive this book, a complete rethinking of his work. We do indeed recognise Max Pam's eye and feel, with lively, colourful, witty, funny and sometimes unsettling images.

The photographs, grouped in 5 sections, are introduced by texts from the artist, where he reflects over his work and the way he sees the world.

This book is also a beautiful piece of work : a hard slipcase and a very elegant satin-like cover, printing quality and design of the highest standards..

The book also features a tipped-in Kodak Print inserted on the flyleaf.

PLEASE NOTE : The print included in this copy figures a fisherman, which is much rarer than the "usual" one with a naked women lying on a bed included in most copies (less than 50 copies in a 500-copy printrun).

356 pages - Soft cover in slipcase

Éditions Bessard, 2013 (500 copies)

*Signed Print*

New in shrinkwrap (opened to insert the print) - Mint condition

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Pam, Max

Max Pam , (born Melbourne, 1949) is a contemporary Australian photographer. As a teenager Pam found post-war suburban Melbourne grim, and became determined to travel overseas. Photo: © self-portrait
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