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.Copy sold.

Excellent copy (Near Mint / VG+) of the great Max Pam classic, listed in "The Photobook: A History volume II" by Martin Parr & Gerry Badger

Book in perfect condition, outside of faint dark-ish traces on the edges of the pages. Inside mint.

Dustjacket with French flaps in excellent condition as well, with imperfections to the top edge ("not really "folds", see images), a very small loss of upper layer (white below appearing) at the bottom of the binding and an even smaller similar loss at the top of the binding. Excellent otherwise, including scarce & faint usual "handling" traces to the boards (see images).

NB : A shadow appears (from the top) on the last two images of the carrousel... there a no traces on the book :-)

184 pages - Hardcover w/ DJ (French flaps)

Marval, 1992

Format 25 x 33 cm

2nd-hand - See condition above

Pam, Max

Max Pam , (born Melbourne, 1949) is a contemporary Australian photographer. As a teenager Pam found post-war suburban Melbourne grim, and became determined to travel overseas. Photo: © self-portrait
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    .Sold out.Publisher's presentation: "Atlas Monographs is a compression of eight travel journals, beginning with Pam’s most recent work (Karakoram 2006) and shifting back through the decades to his first journals begun in 1970. The journals map, through text, photo and marks on paper his engagement with the cultures he has travelled through. Just as...

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    Publisher's presentation :  (texts in French only) " Max Pam, voyageur, hippie, père de famille, mari, drôle, tendre, aventurier ? tout ça. On s’est rencontrés par papier interposé ! Vu des photos de lui dans la revue anglaise Creative Camera, en 1973 ! Et je les ai tellement aimées, elles m’ont paru si différentes de tout ce que j’avais vu sur l’Inde...

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  • .Sold out.Publisher's presentation: "Narcolepsy radically delivers a process that shakes-up the form of the book to produce the art as book and the book as art. The book is a fully realised graphic vehicle. The ways in which the book operates as a series of closures and openings, also parallels the content of the book and amplifies it as an evocative,...