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Max Pam, (born Melbourne, 1949) is a contemporary Australian photographer. As a teenager Pam found post-war suburban Melbourne grim, and became determined to travel overseas.
Photo: © self-portrait

Max Pam, (born Melbourne, 1949) is a contemporary Australian photographer. As a teenager Pam found post-war suburban Melbourne grim, and became determined to travel overseas.
Photo: © self-portrait

Pam left Australia at 20, after accepting a job as a photographer assisting an astrophysicist. Together, the pair drove a Volkswagen from Calcutta to London. This adventure proved inspirational, and travel has remained a crucial and continuous link to his creative and personal development.

“ Each photograph is shaped by incidents experienced as a traveller. His photographs extend upon the tradition of the gazetteer; each photograph a record of an experience, a personal account of an encounter somewhere in the world. ” says Gary Dufour about his work.

Pam’s work takes the viewer on compelling journeys around the globe, recording observations with an often surrealist intensity.

His work in Asian counties is well represented in publications as are his travels in Europe, Australia, and the Indian Ocean Rim cultures including India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Yemen, The Republic of Tanzania, Mauritius, Madagascar, the Cocos and Christmas Islands.

A well-travelled photography master

As other fine art photographers, Pam’s work has been exhibited around the world in prestigeous galleries like the Art Gallery of Western Australia, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, and the Sogo Nara Museum of Art, Nara, to name a few. He was also the subject of a major exhibition at the Comptoir de la Photographie, Paris in 1990, which covered the work of three decades.

He has published several highly acclaimed photographic monographs and 'carnets de voyage', including Going East: Twenty Years of Asian Photography (1992), Max Pam (1999), Ethiopia (1999) and Indian Ocean Journals (2000).

Pam currently teaches at Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia.

Bibliography: Already published photo books / monographs

2017 Autobiographies
2016 Max Pam par Bernard Plossu
        Promises To Keep
2013 Contingency in Madagascar
2012 Narcolepsy
        Ramadan in Yemen
        Zine Collection N°4
2009 Atlas Monographs
2004 StripTEASE
2002 Kailash
2000 Indian Ocean Journals
1999 Max Pam
1992 Going East
        Human Eye
1989 Visual Instincts
1986 Max Pam: From Eastern Fluency to Southern Recall

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    Publisher's presentation :  (texts in French only) " Max Pam, voyageur, hippie, père de famille, mari, drôle, tendre, aventurier ? tout ça. On s’est rencontrés par papier interposé ! Vu des photos de lui dans la revue anglaise Creative Camera, en 1973 ! Et je les ai tellement aimées, elles m’ont paru si différentes de tout ce que j’avais vu sur l’Inde...

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  • .Copy sold.Excellent copy (Near Mint / VG+) of the great Max Pam classic, listed in "The Photobook: A History volume II" by Martin Parr & Gerry BadgerBook in perfect condition, outside of faint dark-ish traces on the edges of the pages. Inside mint. Dustjacket with French flaps in excellent condition as well, with imperfections to the top edge ("not...

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    .Sold out.Publisher's presentation: "Atlas Monographs is a compression of eight travel journals, beginning with Pam’s most recent work (Karakoram 2006) and shifting back through the decades to his first journals begun in 1970. The journals map, through text, photo and marks on paper his engagement with the cultures he has travelled through. Just as...

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  • .Sold out.Publisher's presentation: "Narcolepsy radically delivers a process that shakes-up the form of the book to produce the art as book and the book as art. The book is a fully realised graphic vehicle. The ways in which the book operates as a series of closures and openings, also parallels the content of the book and amplifies it as an evocative,...

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    Supertourist is a new interpretation by Max Pam of the large body of work accumulated within the last 10 years during his travels in all parts of the globe. The artist sort-of "traveled" within this large archive to conceive this book, a complete rethinking of his work. We do indeed recognise Max Pam's eye and feel, with lively, colourful, witty, funny...

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  • .Sold out.Ramadan in Yemen was the first title published, in 2011, by Éditions Bessard. And, from the very beginning, the high quality standard is obvious, in production, choice of paper and other material, the fonts, the editing, the sequence, each element must meet the highest requirements, to come up with this really beautiful book, this beautiful...

  • .Sold out.Burma du plus célèbre photographe australien (on considèrera Helmut Newton "hors catégorie") est le N°4 de la superbe "Zine Collection" des Éditions Bessard. Cette petite série au tirage très limité (entre 100 et 250 ex.) est proposée avec un tirage original signé par l'auteur ! L'Ascenseur Végétal vous propose également dans cette série très...

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