Unter den Linden (*signed*)

@ Kregenow, David

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A beautiful and peaceful little book, Unter den Linden is a tribute to the series and books of Ed Ruscha and presents 25 images of windshields on the Unter den Linden Avenue in Berlin, all soiled by dust, rain, and autumn leaves.
The book is based on a simple idea, but David Kregenow offers here an hypnotic series of soft hues and patterns that works perfectly.


54 pages - Softcover

Self-published, 2013 (100 ex.)



Kregenow, David

David Kregenow is an accomplished architectural and industrial photographer and a former student of Folkwang school. Photo : ©David Kregenow Photographer, Facebook
  • Foreword by Wim van Sinderen, Senior Curator, The Hague Museum of Photography : "Chance and intuition play a major role in Kregenow’s quest to photograph colleagues he admires or respects, or about whom he is simply curious. His approach is spontaneous and journalistic: he buttonholes his subjects at museum or gallery openings, at photography fairs, or in...

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