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First publication produced for the Self Publish Be Happy "Book Club". Adam Broomberg et Oliver Chanarin working together for 15 years (1997 - 2012)

Publisher's presentation:

"Mixing private moments, self portraits and images from their documentary projects, the beautiful collection of personal polaroids form an intimate and imperfect inventory of their fifteen year collaboration.

Each copy of the book comes with an original polaroid produced for the project."

64 pages - Stiff cardboard covers


Self Publish Be Happy, 2012

New - Mint condition except for a tiny bump to the lower right front corner

Broomberg & Chanarin

Adam Broomberg (born 1970, Johannesburg) and Oliver Chanarin (born 1971, London) are artists living and working in London and Berlin. Together, they explore the concepts of violence, authority and politics, sometimes through the prism of religion as in Holy Bible . Photo: © ICP
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