My Birth (*2nd edition*)

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"A book of text and image, My Birth interweaves photographs of the artist Carmen Winant's mother giving birth to her three children with found images of other, anonymous, women undergoing the same bodily experience. As the pictorial narrative progresses, from labor through delivery, the women's postures increasingly blend into one another, creating a collective body that strains and releases in unison.

In addition to the photographic sequence, My Birth—a facsimile of Winant's own journal—includes an original text by the artist exploring the shared, yet solitary, ownership of the experience of birth. My Birth asks: « What if birth, long shrouded and parodied by popular culture, was made visible? What if a comfortable and dynamic language existed to describe it? What if, in picturing the process so many times over and insisting on its very subjectivity, we understood childbirth, and its representation, to be a political act? »

My Birth, coincides with Winant's on-site installation at the Museum of Modern Art's « Being: New Photography 2018 ».The complimentary projects were conceived of together, directly following the birth of the artist's first child and while she was pregnant with her second."

The dustjacket of the book unfolds as a poster, in reference to the MoMA installation consituted of two facing large walls presenting constellations of small-format photographs.

120 pages - Softcover w/ DJ

Self-Publish Be Happy, 2018 (2nd edition)

Format : 22 x 30.5 cm

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Winant, Carmen

Carmen Winant is an American artist and writer (she contributes to several publications, including Aperture ), assistant professor in "Visual Studies and Contemporary Art History" at the "Columbus College of Art and Design", Ohio. © Portrait taken from the Colombus College of Art and Design website
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