List of photobooks by photographer Ahn, Jun

Jun Ahn is a South-Korean photographer, mainly known for the self-portraits made from the roofs and windows of high-rise buildings. This work was published in the photobook "Self-Portrait" (Akaaka, 2018).

She alos published in 2018 "One Life" with Case Publishing, a series of photographs of apples frozen and levitating in mid-air, that she considers a work on exposing transcendence and an expression of her vision of life as a process towards death...

© Self-portrait from the eponymous "Self-Portrait" series

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  • Presentation by Case Publishing: " One Life is the latest publication by Seoul-based Korean artist Ahn Jun, consisting of 88 photographs taken between 2013 and 2018 in Seoul, Japan, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Ireland and other regions of the world. In the photographs, Ahn captures apple suspended in mid-air, using a high shutter-speed. During the...

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