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Presentation by Editions Bessard :    

"The iconic bowler hat, the long black braids, the adjusted corset and the brightly colored puffed skirt: their outfit is well known all around the world. The mythical cholitas are a strong symbol of Bolivia.

Discriminated against for a long time, they are now very much a driving force in Bolivia. In scenes that were unimaginable 10 or 20 years ago, nowadays they have real clout in the economic, political and even fashion worlds. The cholitas have managed to find their place in modern society without denying their collective past. They are an expression of the dignity of indian populations.

This photographic series by Delphine Blast aims to renew insight into Bolivian womanhood. It also carries with it new identity affirmations and reflects the social changes on the march in the country."

This book is part of the BeSpoke collection of publisher Editions Bessard and includes a signed C-Print (16 x 23 cm) inserted at the end.

28 pages - Hardcover

Editions Bessard, 2017 (250 copies)

Format : 19 x 26.5 cm

*w/ signed print*

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Blast, Delphine

Delphine Blast is a French portrait and documentary photography, she is based between South America and Paris. She published in 2017 the book "Cholitas", portraits of women in Bolivia, with Editions Bessard. © Portrait : Jacob Khrist
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