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Presentation by Loose Joints:

" Busy Living accompanies Spanish artist Coco Capitán's first major museum exhibition in Europe, a comprehensive survey of the artists' last six years of image-making, including an essay by curator Simon Baker and texts throughout in English and French.

Despite Capitán's young age, Busy Living contains a kaleidoscope of styles, with openness and freedom beyond her years. Ranging from playful setups pushing against the conventions of fashion and commercial photography, through to statuesque studies of Olympic swimmers and personal memoirs told through trips across America and China, Busy Living shows Capitán doing exactly what her title proposes: experiencing, absorbing, and reflecting a fast-paced modern world.

Capitán doesn't appear to be one to sit still. Alongside her established photographic practice, Busy Living shows the vital role that writing, painting and installation play in her attempt to decipher the codes that surround us in the present day. These works – sometimes confessional and personal, sometimes grand manifestos dripping with self-deprecating humour – solidify Capitán's worldview, one filled with passion and wonder but also a healthy dose of sarcasm and wit.

The exhibition of Busy Living ran from March 6 – May 25, 2019 at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris. "

Subtitle to the book : "Everything with everyone everywhere all of the time"

NB: The Tipp-ex on the cover, on which is written "I'm sorry but it had to be this photograph", is actually on the plastic film covering the book (see last images of the carrousel).

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172 pages - Softcover w/ flaps, open binding

Loose Joints, 2019

Format : 21 x 29.7 cm

New - Mint condition

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Capitán, Coco

Coco Capitán is a young Spanish artist and photographer; she works regularly for fashion and luxury brands, having a long-term collaboration with Gucci. She also develops personal work often based around the perception and representation of the body. Text is often associated with her images, or used as a stand-lone art. In 2019, aged 26, she had her first important retrospective exhibition at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie , Paris. The photobook "Busy Living" (Loose Joints, 2019) was published alongside this exhibition. © Portrait taken from the artist's Instagram feed
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