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Presentation by Bérangère Fromont :

" A spring evening, I followed some teenagers, among them a couple in love, in a night walk around Arles. A long walk, a biting wind, kisses, a few joints. We stop in the middle of nowhere. No light, I discover the surroundings step by step. An industrial zone. Some car-wrecks, a frog concert, a few shivers. Finally a house.  « Abandonned by gypsies » they tell me. « Our house ». Indifferent to the grimacing figures around us, they open up, and bloom in front of me.

Cosmos takes the form of a visual fairy tale, created in one night, embrace as a leitmotif – love embrace, protective embrace, carnal embrace, or fight embrace. The birth of desire as a revolution. I wanted to photograph frailty, of the emotions, of the youth, of the deisre, and see how in a dry environment, purity can gush in the middle of contrary elements, in the very heart of chaos.

   -- Bérangère Fromont  "

This book is singed and numbered out of 300 copies (+200 copies not for sale) and includes 10 x 15 cm Fine Art print.

Text by Dominique Cabrera and an Arthur Rimbaud poem, in French only.

56 pages - Hardcover

André Frère Editions, 2017

Format : 13.5 x 19 cm

*Signed & Numbered*

New - Mint condition

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Fromont, Bérangère

© Self-portrait Bérangère Fromont .
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