I don't want to disappear completely

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"Summer 2015. I spend a few days in a village in Latvia. The forest is everywhere, the population rare, the plants are invasive and venomous. I meet a group of teenagers, ghostly presence in this rough landscape frozen in the past. I ask them to take pictures with me. We stay together for a few hours.

Aïva, one of the girls in the gang spontaneously tells me stories about the village, stories of ghosts and haunted houses. « I'm not scared of anything, I'm afraid of ghosts » she tells me. In this relatively inhospitable environment, life seems to fade slowly, without disappearing completely.

      --   Bérangère Fromont "

54 pages - Softcover

September Books, 2018 (100 copies)

Format : 21 x 29.7 cm

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Fromont, Bérangère

© Self-portrait Bérangère Fromont .
  • .Sold out.Presentation by Bérangère Fromont : " A spring evening, I followed some teenagers, among them a couple in love, in a night walk around Arles. A long walk, a biting wind, kisses, a few joints. We stop in the middle of nowhere. No light, I discover the surroundings step by step. An industrial zone. Some car-wrecks, a frog concert, a few shivers....

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