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Lucas Foglia nous conte ici le quotidien d'une communauté de jeunes américains vivant quasiment en autarcie "dans la nature", dans la négation du confort et des règles qui organisent nos journées et nos vies.

Des images éclatantes de lumière et de simplicité, belles et pleines de joie souvent, mais aussi parfois crues voire violentes.
Ce portrait intime d'un groupe qui nous est étranger à bien des niveaux a été sélectionné parmi les 20 finalistes du prix du meilleur premier livre photo à Paris Photo 2012 ("First Photobook Award", The Paris Photo - Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards) et figure dans de très nombreuses sélections d'ouvrages à retenir de 2012.
Voir aussi le reportage dans le N° 20 de la Revue XXI (Automne 2012).

80 pages - Relié sans jaquette (accompagné d'un livret "Wildlifoodin")

45 illust. en quadrichromie

Nazraeli Press, 2012


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From the publisher :

"In the summer of 2006, Lucas Foglia set out to photograph a network of people who had left cities and suburbs to live off the grid in the rural southeastern United States. Many were motivated by environmental concerns, others were driven by religious beliefs or predictions of economic collapse. While everyone he photographed was working to maintain self-sufficiency, none lived in complete isolation from the mainstream. Instead, they chose which parts of the modern world to embrace and which to leave behind.

The body of work, made over a five-year period, is gathered together in the artist’s first book, A Natural Order – a collection that explores a human relationship with wilderness and the persistent libertarianism of the American psyche. Foglia's photographs, at once iconic and intimate, provoke us to take a candid look at individuals whose chosen lifestyles seem both exotic and unnervingly close to home.

Included with the book is an anonymously –authored, illustrated ‘zine titled wildlifoodin. Part journal, part survival manual, it reads like a poet’s version of the Whole Earth Catalog, the bible for 1970’s back-to-the-landers."


Lucas Foglia exhibits and publishes his photographs internationally. His work is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, the Pilara Foundation and the Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Fine Art, and has been published in Aperture Magazine, the New York Times Magazine, the Washington Post Magazine, British Journal of Photography, Contact Sheet, and PDN's 30.


"One of the most beautiful and thought-provoking photobooks of the year." – The Guardian

Foglia, Lucas

Lucas Foglia is an American photographer. His first three photobooks were published with Nazraeli Press, and they fit well the presentation the Rencontres d'Arles festival was making of his series "A Natural Order" in 2012: « Lucas Foglia makes photographs about places where wilderness and culture intersect: people moving off the grid in the rural southeastern United States, mining boom towns and ranching and farming communities in the rural West. » These three photobooks are "A Natural Order" (2012), "Frontcountry" (2014) and "Human Nature" (2017). In 2021, he publishes "Summer After" with Stanley / Barker, a series of black & white photographs he made in New York City in the summer of 2002. Shared among these series is an obvious talent for portraiture. © Portrait taken from the artist's website
  • .Sold out.Publisher's presentation: "Between 2006 and 2013, Lucas Foglia traveled throughout rural Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Wyoming, some of the least populated regions in the United States. Frontcountry is a photographic account of people living in the midst of a mining boom that is transforming the modern American West. "After A...

  • Publisher's presentation: "Foglia writes, “I grew up on a small farm in the suburbs, thirty miles east of New York City. The forest that bordered the farm was my childhood wilderness, a wild place to play that was ignored by our neighbors who commuted to Manhattan. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy flooded our fields and blew down the oldest trees in the woods. On...

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  • Presentation by Stanley / Barker: " « This is how I remember New York City in 2002. I was 19 years old and had just moved to Manhattan from my family's small farm on Long Island. It was the first summer after the September 11 attacks. Workers were removing the last of the debris from the collapsed Twin Towers. The city felt both immense and fragile...

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