Volta no Vento

@ Roudière, Gilles


Published in November 2020, Volta no Vento is a collaboration between French photographer Gilles Roudière and French musician Toàn. This book is almost sold out by the publisher (notification of "last copies" on their website)!

We are offering IIKKI's books since 2018 and we are now also offering the music in physical format (vinyl or CD); please make your choice (book, book + LP, book + CD) under the price before adding the item to your cart.

If you do not purchase the physical format of the music, and for all IIKKI publications, the book itself includes a coupon that allows you to listen online to the full musical piece composed by Toàn for this project. A portion of this piece can be listened to on the publisher's website.

Gilles Roudière's images were made in Portugal. The publisher did not provide an introduction to the project, the images and the music will speak for themselves... If you read French ;-) you can have more context on the excellent book-review blog by Fabien Ribéry called L'intervalle.

Book: 400 hand-numbered and hand-stamped copies, printed on Munken Lynx

Vinyl: 250 hand-numbered copies, "DMM-cut" (Direct Metal Mastering), black vinyl, sleeve on 350g paper.

CD: 200 hand-numbered copies

96 pages - Hardcover

IIKKI Books, 2020

Format : 24 x 22 cm

New - Mint condition


Roudière, Gilles

Gilles Roudière is a French self-taught photographer based in Berlin. He has been part of the Temps Zéro project / collective since its inception and he is represented by galerie in)(between in Paris. In 2019, he publishes his first photobook "Trova" with lamaindonne. © Portrait by Damien Daufresne
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