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Presentation by Mack:

" « My decision to base my work in cultural theory, rather than traditional aesthetics, has resulted in work whose precise location is uncertain, between: between gallery and book; between visual art and theory; between image and narrative – work providing work between reader and text. »

           --  Victor Burgin, Between

« Between is as rich as the best movies by Jean-Luc Godard: fiercely critical, joyously playful, wildly idiosyncratic yet always interested in telling us about the culture in which we live and the alternatives. »

           --  David Campany, Aperture

First published in 1986 and long out of print, Between charts Burgin's passage from early conceptual art, via appropriationist works and critiques of mass media imagery to a series of photo-texts informed by psychoanalysis, semiotics, cinema studies and feminism.

Photographer, critic and curator David Campany writes:

« Between was first published into a time when the art markets came to dominate and dictate as never before. Art was no longer that stubborn space of resistance and reflection; it was to be part of the spectacle of neoliberal capitalism in which image is all. Self-congratulatory art fairs, artists as media celebrities, bloated auction prices, and the reduction of criticality to recognizable and increasingly empty gestures. (...)

Burgin makes photographic work like no other artist, but his themes and motifs are drawn from experiences common to us all – the modern city, the structures of family, language as something that forms and reforms us, the power of images, principles of government, memory and history. And yet, encouraged by the media to look to art for quick messages, some audiences and critics have found his work inaccessible. Actually Burgin's work is among the most accessible I know, if by that we mean easy to get into. It's the getting out that's tricky. »

Interweaving Burgin's visual work with fragments from interviews, talks and letters, Between offers insights into the relation of theory to practice in a form of art which has undermined the basis of this distinction. This MACK facsimile makes Burgin's historic and groundbreaking book available for the first time in over three decades. "

Texts in English only.

190 pages - Softcover

Mack, 2020

Format : 22 x 26.8 cm

New - Mint condition

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Burgin, Victor

Victor Burgin is a British conceptual artist, photographer and professor. His transdisciplinary work links culture, media and art, often using a mix of photography and text, especially in his early career. In 2020, Mack publishes a facsimile edition of his groundbreaking book "Between" initially published in 1986 by Basil Blackwell. Mack indicates in the presentation of the book: « "Between" charts Burgin's passage from early conceptual art, via appropriationist works and critiques of mass media imagery to a series of photo-texts informed by psychoanalysis, semiotics, cinema studies and feminism. » © Portrait taken from the artist's Wikipedia page
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