List of photobooks by photographer Burgin, Victor

Victor Burgin is a British conceptual artist, photographer and professor.

His transdisciplinary work links culture, media and art, often using a mix of photography and text, especially in his early career.

In 2020, Mack publishes a facsimile edition of his groundbreaking book "Between" initially published in 1986 by Basil Blackwell. Mack indicates in the presentation of the book: « "Between" charts Burgin's passage from early conceptual art, via appropriationist works and critiques of mass media imagery to a series of photo-texts informed by psychoanalysis, semiotics, cinema studies and feminism. »

© Portrait taken from the artist's Wikipedia page

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  • Presentation by Mack: " « My decision to base my work in cultural theory, rather than traditional aesthetics, has resulted in work whose precise location is uncertain, between: between gallery and book; between visual art and theory; between image and narrative – work providing work between reader and text. »            --  Victor Burgin, Between« Between...

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