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Presentation by Mack:

" In 1977, Stephen Shore travelled across New York state, Pennsylvania, and eastern Ohio – an area in the midst of industrial decline that would eventually be known as the Rust Belt. Shore met steelworkers who had been thrown out of work by plant closures and photographed their suddenly fragile world: deserted factories, lonely bars, dwindling high streets, and lovingly decorated homes.

Across these images, a prosperous middle America is seen teetering on the precipice of disastrous decline. Hope and despair alike lurk restlessly behind the surfaces of shop fronts, domestic interiors, and the fraught expressions of those who confront Shore's 4x5" view camera.

Originally commissioned as an extended photographic report for Fortune Magazine in the vein of Walker Evans, Shore's multifaceted investigation has only gained political salience in the intervening years. Shore's subjects – including workers, union leaders, and family members – had voted for Jimmy Carter the year preceding his visit; now he found them disillusioned with the new president, fated to leave behind the Democratic party and become the « Reagan Democrats ».

Through unfailingly engrossing images by one of the world's acknowledged masters, Steel Town provides an immersive portrait of a time and place whose significance to our own is ever more urgent.

With a text [in English only] by Helen C. Epstein, author, translator and professor of human rights and public health. "

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104 pages - Linen hardcover

Mack Books, 2021

Format : 23.5 x 30 cm

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Shore, Stephen

Stephen Shore is an American photographer, mainly known for his color work. He is famous for both anecdotal elements and important contributions. Aged 14, he is already a photographer and manages to meet Edward Steichen, then DIrector of Photography at the MoMA, New York, and the legend buys 3 prints from him. A few years later, from 1965 to 1965, he documents life at Andy Warhol's Factory as he is barely 18. Then in 1971, at the age of 24, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York offers him a solo exhibition! It is in 1972 that he will switch from B&W to color photography, at about the same time as his contemporary William Eggleston. His photographs speak of day to day America, may it be nature, the city or the "suburbia"; but he also photographs the trivial or insignificant things of daily life, may it be motel interiors, a phone booth or a meal on a table... Stephen Shore is also famous for his photobooks, most importantly "Uncommon Places" (Aperture, 1982) and "American Surfaces" (Schirmer/Mosel, 1999) and also the theory book "The Nature of Photographs" (John Hopkins University Press, 1998 / Phaidon, 2007). More recently, he published with Mack "Transparencies: Small Camera Works 1971-1979" (2020), and "Steel Town" (2021). © Portrait by Raphaël Labbé
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