Odysseus, l'Autre Monde

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Presentation by Sun / Sun :

" The Odyssey is the story of a man driven both by the desire to return home and by an insatiable curiosity that leads him to make detours, to meet others and discover the world. Ulysses holds both ends of his desire, at the cost of ten years of wandering. At the end of the road it is himself he discovers. If this ancient story still speaks to us, it is because it deals with current issues: identity, otherness, hospitality

Michaël Duperrin goes to the supposed places of Ulysses' wanderings. The photographer travels through multiple layers, between here and elsewhere, now and yesterday, reality and fiction, in search of echoes between mythical past and present reality. The experiment will last ten years, the time it takes Ulysses to find Ithaca.

Odysseus, the Other World [in French: Odysseus, l'Autre Monde] traces the first part of this Odyssey, and immerses us in the world of gods, monsters, infernos and sirens. The photographs are printed in cyanotype, one of the first photographic printing processes, which owes its name to its colour. Whereas we see the Mediterranean sea and its intense blue sky, the word « blue » does not exist in Homer's language. The adjective that would later designate a dark blue refers in the Odyssey to the world of the Night and Hells, that is, to the Other World. "

Photographies & texts by Michaël Duperrin, in French only in the book. A 64-page booklet with the English translation can be included in your order ON REQUEST. White silkscreen cover. Dust jacket in polypropylene, « tracing paper » type.

128 pages - Softcover with DJ

Sun / Sun, 2019

Format : 15 x 21 cm

New - Mint condition

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Duperrin, Michaël

Michaël Duperrin is a French photographer, founder of L'Image Latente, a structure for  sharing ideas, training and workshops around photography. He is a member of studio Hans Lucas. In 2019, he publishes "Odysseus, l'Autre Monde" with Sun/Sun. © Portrait taken from the artist's profile on the Hans Lucas website
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