List of photobooks by photographer Dupeyron, Alexandre

Alexandre Dupeyron is a French-German photographer based in Bordeaux.

After a photojournalism career reporting on the genocide in Darfur and then being a correspondent for the international press in North Africa, Alexandre has worked freelance in Singapore and then in India.

His personal work, in black and white, is based on movement. Among other themes, in long term series "Runners of the Future" (2010-2019) draws a unified fictional space in a dystopian metaphor of the generic city of tomorrow.

In 2022, he publishes his first photobook "Dysnomia" with Sun/Sun in which he delves into themes very often present across his personal series : the city, the mineral element, and pareidolia. This book has been conceived together with a musical piece composed by double-bass player Thomas Julienne and showcased during live events bringing together the music played by a quintet and the images mixed by Dupeyron and projected on screen.

© Portrait taken from the artist's website.

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  • Presentation by Sun/Sun: " A photographic journey to the limits of our perceptions, DYSNOMIA paints a world where the infinitely small is immensity, where forests are made of the same material as the stars and where fire dances with the shadows of men. Alexandre Dupeyron probes the secret substance of things, constantly moving and elusive, in order to...

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