Noces ou les confins sauvages

@ David, Hélène



Presentation by sun/sun :   [translation L'Ascenseur Végétal]

" Noces ou les confins sauvages (Nuptials or the wild far reaches) is a contemporary narration between the real and the magical. Page after page, the photographer Hélène David offers a journey across the Mediterranean seafront, as an continuation of the intimate and the familiar, but also as a place of the possible sudden appearance of the fantastic and mythological. (...) This book is thought as a body, the forms play with the relief and embossing of the paper and where element is chosen as an intended sign.

Noces invites the reader to an exploration of the calanques seafront (a series of fjords in the outskirts of Marseilles), perceived as a space of dialogue between the sea, the animals and men. It is the story of a common future (or a common becoming, as allows the French un devenir commun), enchanted and vulnerable. At the gates of the city of Marseilles, the bodies unfold when touching the elements, enter a relation with the non-human living, and agree to becoming permeable to the wilderness. Then a world of sensation opens up, a world of perceptions andsensory exepriences where the bodies, more alive, more present, engage in a relationship « beyond the human » with the visible and invisible beings around them. "

With a text (in French only) by Donatien Garnier and drawings by Gildas Secretin.

Most of the images come from the artist's website.

160 pages - Hardcover

sun/sun, 2017

Format : 15 x 22.5 cm

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David, Hélène

Hélène David is a French photographer based in Marseilles. She questions the relation between man and the living and carries documentary work with a strong sensitivity to ecology.
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