On the Acropolis

@ Papageorge, Tod



Presentation by Stanley / Barker:

" In 1983- 84 Tod Papageorge spent a month each summer on the Acropolis in Athens, producing a body of work that seems lost in time, fusing the ancient with the modern.

« I stayed at a nice hotel, the Zafolia, five minutes from the Acropolis, where every surface in my room was marble, and where I did laps in the pool every evening, driving the hotel staff crazy. I usually ate lunch at a vegetarian restaurant in the Plaka, right under the Parthenon. I just liked the food. Have no memory at all of where I'd go for dinner. Very solitary the whole time. That was it: up The Hill in the morning, down for lunch, usually back up for more after that, then a swim and dinner somewhere nearby. »

      -- Tod Papageorge"

128 pages - Softcover

Stanley / Barker, 2019

Format : 30 x 24 cm

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Papageorge, Tod

Tod Papageorge is an AMerican photographer and teacher; he starting photography in the streets of New York City in the sixties. Between 1979 and 2013, he directed the graduate photography department at the Yale University School of Art. He is better known for his work at the famous New York City club Studio 54 during its short lifespan, in the late seventies and early eighties. This body of work was published by Stanley / Barker in 2014 as "Studio 54". Papageorge has also published, among other titles, "Passing through Eden" (Steidl, 2007), "Dr Blankman's New York" (Steidl, 2018) and  "On the Acropolis" (Stanley / Barker, 2019). © Photography by Pete Boyd (The Photographer's Gallery, 2014)
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