Journal de l'oeil (les globes oculaires)

@ Broyer, Anne-Lise



Presentation by Editions Loco:        [translation L'Ascenseur Végétal]

"With Journal de l'œil (les globes oculaires) [or Diary of the eye (the eye balls)], Anne-Lise Broyer tries to live the experience of literature through the act of looking. As if  the act of making photographs was moving forward in your vision the way you are moving forward when reading a book…

The book is being built in the steps of the life and the work of [French intellectual & writer] Georges Bataille... Each image is a journey refering implicitly to the writer, but beyond the sole will of recording or documenting. Anne-Lise Broyer's approach is sensitive, emotional and intuitive. She tells of the power of a Bataillian writing, the stakes being the production not of images that would represent a thought or a reflection, but rather finding images favorable to the production of thought and reflection.

The book includes previously unpublished texts - essays or free approach - by Léa Bismuth, Bertrand Schmitt, Mathilde Girard, Yannick Haenel and Muriel Pic."

PLEASE NOTE: The texts are in French only. The book is co-published by Editions Loco and Editions nonpareilles.

240 pages + 4-page insert - Hardcover w/ bellyband

Loco / nonpareilles, 2019

Format : 17 x 24 cm

New - Mint condition

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Broyer, Anne-Lise

Anne-Lise Broyer is a French photographer; text and literature have an important place in the development of her work. She is represented by La Galerie Particulière, Paris. Among the photobooks she has published: "Au Roi du bois" (Filigranes, 2008), "Carnet d'A" (éditions nonpareilles, 2011), "Being Beauteous" (with Nicolas Comment, Filigranes, 2015), "Du Monde vers le Monde" (with René Tanguy, editions nonpareilles, 2016), "Journal de l'Oeil, Les Globes Oculaires" (Editions Loco, 2019). © Portrait by Renaud Monfourny from his blog on "Les Inrocks" magazine'w website
  • Publisher's presentation: "In the rustling of leaves and the touching of barks, searching for the « Roi du bois » (« King of the woods »), an antique and litterary figure, these « minuscule landscapes » or « meticulous landscapes », as if dried out, try to make an inventory, like in an herbarium, of these small places, these places already seen, already...

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