Du monde vers le monde (escale à Valparaiso)

@ Broyer, Anne-Lise & Tanguy, René



Publisher's presentation [translation by L'Ascenseur Végétal] :

"This journey du monde vers le monde (from the world to the world) mixes together a fantasized Chile and a very concrete Chile, one of collar-less dogs, of sailors strapped of the horizon, of smiles strapped of illusions, of an elegant human beauty without the artifice of swagger.

Sometimes, nothing more is needed than two hands clasping, a curtain gently swelling near a window, a surrealistic rain of eyes on a peacock's tail, for the grace of things to settle and for the certainty - that a moment both trifling and essential was captured - to embrace us.

At times as in a duel , at times sharing, two visions are confronted, are looking for each other, embrace each other, come apart only to be better reassembled. Two ways of looking at things are glancing and gazing around, as if on a tightrope, their balance always unstable as they are moving on the most delicate of watermarks: Sergio Larrain's Chile, where history and geography fuse in a poetic and universal vibration that abolishes time and space.

      --  Excerpt from the text by Jean-Luc Germain "

Text by Jean-Luc Germain in French and Spanish only.

112 pages - Softcover

Éditions nonpareilles, 2016

Format 17 x 24 cm

New - Mint condition

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