Baron (Miért Vagy Te, Ha Lehetsz én Is)

@ Collins, Petra

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Presentation by Baron:

"For the sixth edition of Baron, artist Petra Collins flips the camera lens onto herself... more specifically into herself. Uninhibited, gross, disjointed, and confusing, Collins places us in a world filled with perverse personal thoughts and lucid landscapes.

With the book's Hungarian title Miért vagy te, ha lehetsz én is? Collins asks us: Why be you, when you can be me? Collins uses the camera as the third person. It captures historical truths (such as a time and place) and an emotional reality with a complicated relationship to intention and perception. This new body of work investigates the evolvement of today's image sharing society and whether this is changing our relationship to ourselves and the world.

Working with the sculptor Sarah Sitkin, Collins creates moulds of her body as well as her sisters to gain ownership, in a world where our bodies live in multiple realities. This new body of work features Collins' first experiments with self-portraiture.

« I've seen my camera take on many truths. And the truths that shocked me the most to see, were my own. I see them in every image I have taken. Seldom am I the subject of my images but I often make my way into the matter of them. »

Acknowledging this, these photographs are set in a world of ‘constructed’ domestic interiors contrasted with ‘real’ exterior locations and Collins' own family and friends."

166 pages - Hardcover

Baron, 2019

Format : 22 x 28.5 cm

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Collins, Petra

Petra Collins is a young Canadian artist, photographer, curator, director and model, based in New York. In the early stages of her career, she was an assistant to Richard Kern and collaborated with Ryan McGinley. As a photgrapher, she works mainly in fashion aside from her personal projects. Is work can be seen as a redifinition by a female artist of the way to look at and photograph female models, the female body, femininity, gender and sexuality. She has published among others the two photobooks "Discharge" (Capricious, 2014) and "Baron Magazine #6" (Baron, 2019). © Portrait taken from the artist's Instagram profile
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