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Presentation by lamaindonne :

[translation L'Ascenseur Végétal]

Georgia, is the name of the boat on which embarked in 1906 a certain Ljubiša Danilovic, a young Montenegrin of nineteen years of age, dreaming of a future full of promises. It is in Butte, a mining town in Montana, that he finally arrived, as many other Montenegrins or Italians at the time.

Of his namesake whom he knows nothing about, outside of the mention of his name in the old documents listing the passengers aboard the Georgia, Ljubiša Danilovic imagines in 2021 the journey that will bring him from his native Montenegro to the United States, repeating in the process travels in every way comparable to those that must undertake the thousands of migrants across the world.

Combining in this book photographs from Butte, from a Montenegro thats does not offer any horizon to young adults dreaming of an elsewhere, from a nostalgic Montenegro - the one where he grew up, from mignrants he met in Paris, Calais or Sarajevo and others who spent their lives away from their home countries, Ljubiša Danilovic speaks both of the little stories, and also of course of the larger Great History of exile. "

Copies signed by the photographer.

192 pages - Hardcover

lamaindonne, 2022

Format : 19.5 x 25 cm


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Danilovic, Ljubisa

Ljubiša Danilovic is a French photographer from Yugoslavian origin, and also a documentary filmaker. In 2018, he joined the French collective Tendance Floue. Ljubiša Danilovic has published 4 books, including the last three "Le désert russe" (2015), "La lune de Payne" (2018) and "Georgia" (2022) with lamaindonne. © Portrait taken from the Vimeo profile of the artist
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