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"Bobby Sands died on May 5, 1981 at 1:17 in the morning.

Bobby Sands was previously arrested and sentenced to 14 years in prison for possession of firearms. On March 1, 1981, he began a hunger strike followed by nine other political prisoners who were members of the IRA (Irish Republican Army) and the INLA (Irish National Liberation Army).

Their demands: to obtain the status of political prisoners to which they are entitled. They all died, the last one in almost general indifference.

« At that time, I was a freelance photographer at the Sipa press agency, one of the three major photographic press agencies in Paris in the 1980s. I had the profile of the determined young reporter “risque-tout“, that suited the riot situation in Northern Ireland, so I was naturally sent on the Londonderry clashes in April 1981. I stayed there for three weeks and returned several times during the same year.

Those weeks that I lived in Derry and Belfast, living with the rioters of Catholic neighborhoods, photographing the tension, despair, faith and courage of the Irish people, using the camera as a weapon to serve their cause, persuaded me forever of the validity of photographic witness as an instrument of memory, emotion, reflection, guarantees of a free and democratic world. ».

       --   Yan Morvan "

Texts by Bobby Sands, Yan Morvan and Sorj Chalandon in French and English.

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236 pages - Hardcover w/ bellyband

André Frère, 2018

Format : 24 x 30 cm


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Morvan, Yan

Yan Morvan is a French photographer and photojournalist. He publishes his first images in the 1970s in the daily newspaper Libération. He covers many wars and conflicts in the 1980s and 1990s: Iran-Iraq, Lebanon, Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Rwanda. Yan Morvan is also known for having followed over long period of times the gangs and underground (often criminal) communities in France, especially in and around Paris. He has published many books, including "Le Cuir et la Baston" (Ailleurs, 1976), "Mondosex" (Contrejour, 1995), "Gangs Story" (La Manufacture de Livres, 2012), "Bobby Sands" (André Frère, 2018).
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