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Presentation by Poursuite:

"In 2017 Julie Hascoët was invited to participate in a residency by Carré d’Art in the city of Chartres de Bretagne. Benefiting from an annual programme with cartography as its central focus, and as part of a residency intended to highlight the local territory, Julie Hascoët’s project has extended these two themes by adding a nomadic dimension.

Driven by a desire to shift the boundaries of the city of Chartres de Bretagne and give it a new form, she expanded her area of research to include four of its twin cities: Hassmersheim in Germany, Lwowek in Poland, Calarasi in Romania and Saint-Anthème in Puy-de-Dôme. From one season to the next, from one wander to another, she has revived the principles of twin cities with an entirely new, visual, perspective."

56 pages - Softcover

Poursuite, 2018

Format : 22.5 x 27.5

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Hascoët, Julie

Julie Hascoët was born in 1989 in Douarnenez. Her work considers photography in a larger context, as part of installations and through publishing. Her personal interests in photography revolve around the themes of dereliction and ruins, of metamorphosis, and the notions of ephemeral-ity and resistance.  In her practice, photography is seen as a material conducive to re-composition and integrates into a work of installation, or editing. © Portrait taken from the artist's FB profile
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