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Presentation by the artist: 

"Alexanderis a story based on the relationship between politics, history and culture, centred around the construction of a national myth in the (Former Yugoslav) Republic of Macedonia – a state with no name, fixated on a dispute about origins so distant that they may have never existed at all."

The artist made multiple long stays in Skopje for this project, about the politic will to connect the state of Macedonia to the mythical figure of Alexander the Great. On a side note, a referendum is to be organized on September 30th, 2018 to confirm the choice of North Macedonia as the new name for the FYR of Macedonia.

Multiple inserts, totalling about 20 pages, appear throughout the book. Texts by Marek Matyjanka and Michał Murawski in English only.

NB : The edges of the pages are hand-painted

For the first 3 purchases, we will include a copy of an 8-page newsprint (A3-format, folded) published for the release and the promotion of the book.

144 + 20 pages - Hardcover

Self-published, 2018 (750 copies)

Format : 20.7 x 26.3 cm


New - Mint condition

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Siarek, Michał

Michał Siarek is a Polish photographer; he studied in Lodz. His first photographic project named Alexander , about the Macedonian national identity (in the country now called « North Macedonia ») and the will of the sate to put forward the connection with Alexander the Great, was awarded the « New East Photo Prize 2016 » by Calvert 22 Foundation and several other awards on Poland, France and the UK. The photobook Alexander was self-published in 2018. © Portrait taken from the artsit's website
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