Les Collines, Chalosse (*signed*)

@ Cary, Benoît



Presentation by Ici & Là:     [translation L'Ascenseur Végétal]

"Chalosse is a beautiful land, a quiet land, a teritory of soft hills and horizon lines. It borders and marks the end - in a colorful manner - of the Landes country, its vast areas of pine trees, its long beaches of white sand, the accurate lights of its winter mornings, the delicate austerity of its landscapes."

This books is part of the Territoires (Territories) collection by this publisher:

"Territories here and there, in the far away of other frontiers and in the very near, the familiar interior. Photographers are moving forward and immerse themselves in peculiar places, already known or foreign. Follow the thread of their black & white images and reveal the often-forgotten poetry of the places they visit and of the people they meet."

40 pages - Softcover with French flaps

Ici & Là, 2015

Format : 15 x 19.8 cm

New - Mint condition

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  • NB : The title Les roues interdites translates as The forbidden wheels.Text from the back cover: "Those who know Syria love it, they know that it is not a land for blood and fire. They know that it is a white land, beautiful with a fragile and dreamy and discreet people. A land of stars that children follow at night. A blue land where deserts confuse the...

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  • Presentation by Ici & Là:      [translation L'Ascenseur Végétal] "And then it's there. He makes it out, getting closer slowly so that it appears without any constraints. This curve that must be climbed up, this furrow of a forgotten first time, the strength of the landscape outside that capsizes the doubt inside. Capsizes, submerges, pacifies..."NB :...

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