Maydan – Hundred Portraits (*signed*)

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Publisher's presentation :

"Maidan Nezalezhnosti is the name of the main square in the centre of Kiev that became the theatre of pro-EU, anti-government demonstrations at the end of 2013. The protests united thousands of Ukrainians who were tired of the government’s corruption and the Russian grip on their country. After three months the situation escalated when protesters were fired upon by the authorities, leading to the death of more than 100 people – referred to as the « Heavenly Hundred ».

With Maydan – Hundred Portraits Émeric Lhuisset brings us to February 2014 and the faces of the revolution. Although anchored in a specific time context, the series conveys a shared and universal sense of hope. Be it in the eyes of the young nurse or the elderly Cossack, one can read the same determination, the same commitment. Together with the written interviews, each photograph becomes the testimony of a recent moment that is already long gone. As the French art critic Adrien Goetz puts it in the introduction to the book, « the power of these images lies in the power of these words, written by each of them, but in the name of all of them ».

« As Yanukovych’s government had just fallen, as the president was on the run and the police had disappeared from the streets of Kiev, for a very short time power belonged entirely to the people. It’s that time of latency, when everything seems possible, that I tried to capture in the eyes of the people as I asked them two questions: What would you like to see happening now? And, what do you think will happen? »
                      -- Émeric Lhuisset ”.

Texts : Adrien Goetz and the Maydan rebels.
Languages: French, English, Ukrainian, Russian, German, Dutch.

Coproduction with Paradox

224 pages - Softcover

André Frère Editions, 2014


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