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Publisher's presentation :

"Frida Kahlo, ses photos (Frida Kahlo, her pictures) brings together a selection of original images from the personal collection of Frida Kahlo. The collection was found a few years ago in her bathroom and was never presented before.

Walking through Frida Kahlo, ses photos, the reader gets immersed in the intimacy of the artist’s best-known for the excellence of her work and her effervescent personality. Thus, we discover the faces of her parents, often represented in her paintings, intimate moments with her husband Diego Rivera, her sad episodes – in hospital where she continued to paint – or images that illustrate her attachment to the Communist Party. An emotional journey through happy and sad moments, also told by specialists of Frida Kahlo."

Texts (in French only) by Carlos Philips, Hilda Trujillo, Pablo Ortíz Monasterio, Masayo Nonaka, Rainern Huhle / Gaby Franger, Laura González, Mauricio Ortiz, James Oles, Horacio Fernández and Gerardo Estrada.

400 color illustrations, co-published with Editorial RM.

496 pages - Hardcover w/ DJ

André Frère Editions, 2014

New - Mint condition

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  • Presentation by André Frère Editions: "This booklet is the first in a series of twelve that opens up the space for A's journeys, his physical journey through his wanderings, his excesses, his strained progress, his encounters. They will appear over the next five years, at a sustained rhythm. The form, if it can be startling at first, spins the...

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  • Publisher's presentation : "As an extension of the exhibition Anticorps Antoine d’Agata held at Le BAL (January-March 2013), the coordinators of Actes, une présence politique, in collaboration with the photographer, wanted to continue to assert the political dimension – too rarely taken into consideration – the photographic Antoine d’Agata work has, by...

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  • Publisher's presentation : "The images in AiTHŌ were made in 2014 at Villa Don Arcangelo all’Olmo (territorio di Carruba di Riposto), on the slope of the Etna."Texts by Leopoldo Maria Panero & José Águedo Olivares.104 pages - Hardcover André Frère Editions, 2015 (300 copies) *Signed* New - Mit condition

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