L'adieu au fleuve (*signed*)

@ Goussard, Christophe



Publisher's presentation:

"Two men retrace their footsteps along the Gironde estuary. From the Atlantic Ocean, they go upstream all the way to Bordeaux by roads and paths, on bike, each one on a shore.

The first one, Christophe Goussard, a photographer, made this trip in black and white, on the right bank in the Blaye region, his place of birth and youth. The other, Christophe Dabitch, a writer, in a personal narrative, in the Médoc region, a place of family ties and childhood memories.

L'adieu au fleuve (Farewell to the river) is a book alternating banks and chapters in texts or images, with -as if taking notes- some phrases among the black and white images and small-size color photographs within the text parts.

In this story, both authors invent a trip in their own footsteps, along the muddy waters of the estuary."

All texts in French only.

We are offering copies signed by the photographer, Christophe Goussard.

160 pages - Hardcover

Filigranes, 2015


New - Mint condition

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