Intergalático (*signed*)

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An amazing journey, strange places, surprising and sometimes weird locations, all in a myterious, or even mystical atmosphere.

A beautiful surprise, and a really bautiful book.

An interesting review of this book is available on the blog "who needs another photography blog" (Thank you to Christer Ek, the author of the blog, as we took the cover image from his page).

Self-published through "Avalanche". We are offering signed copies.

184 pages - Hardcover, front cover not attached to the book

Self-published, 2014 (500 copies)


New - Mint condition

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  • Presentation by Julia Borissova: " I am fond of the artist book form and have created about 14 books over the past 10 years. Most of the titles are sold out. Some time ago I decided to rethink some of my projects and realize them in a new, more concentrated form of zines. In almost half a year I managed to implement this idea and today I am ready to...

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  • Project presentation by Christopher Héry: "22:19 illustrates the wide range of emotions - fear, boredom, camaraderie, relief - that two young men have experienced during an intense 8-minute period. This book has been designed to slowly reveal the location, the story, and its ending, to the viewer in a cinematographic manner. Time is the key element here...

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  • .We are offering signed copies of the second edition.A 12-day love story, from the first hour to the last...Texts in English & Images by Thomas Boivin.108 pages - Softcover Self-published, 2016 (2nd edition - 380 copies) *Signed* New - Mint condition

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