Neither (*signed*)

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.WARNING: Our last copies have small bumps to one or 2 corners and possibly one or 2 wrinkles to the cover.

Presentation on Kate Nolan's website:

"Neither is an exploration into the dreams and fears of young women in Kaliningrad - a tiny and isolated Russian region on the Baltic Sea - through both image and text. The women I met and be-friended generously opened up their homes and their minds to me, guiding me through the stories of their region, helping me better understand the links between place, identity and history. This self-published photobook, designed by Dutch designer -SYB- interweaves my images with the words – both historical and contemporary – of these women. Neither seeks not to answer questions, but rather to give voice to the experiences of the women of Kaliningrad."

This book is made of 2 books or booklets, with a larger-size one with the images inserted and bound together inside the smaller -size one with the texts (the first half being facsimile letters of contemporary women, the second part being reproductions of texts from women who were relocated to Kaliningrad in 1945).

NB : Image from the Irish News Review website.

.WARNING: Our last copies have small bumps to one or 2 corners and possibly one or 2 wrinkles to the cover.

44 + 24 pages - Softcover, closed by a plastic band

Self-published, 2014 (250 copies)


New - Imperfect (see above)

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Nolan, Kate

Kate Nolan is an Irish visual artist based in Dublin, Ireland, focused on extended photographic stories that examine the nature of identity. Drawn to "in-between" places, she is intrigued by the effects of shifting histories of areas in flux. Nolan collaborates with local communities over extended periods to give a voice to these changes. Photo: ©
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