Kitchen Stories from the Balkans (*signed*)

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In Kitchen Stories from the Balkans, Eugenia Maximova lays her eyes on the kitchen interiors from a region she wanted to remain generic : "the balkans". The artist creates an atmosphere that is a bit outdated, offering us what could be seen as a series of still-lifes that depict the calm of kitchens that could very well be that of our grand-mothers, kitchens with histories of cooking secrets and never-shared knacks...

In the second part of the book, Eugenia Maximova selected a series of plastic tablecoths, and she shares with us the motifs and patterns and a recipe (in English) that was made on each tablecoth.

A really beautiful book, a journey in a timeless place, as good as the souvenir of a perfect cake.

Introduction text by Christian Caujolle.

We only have two signed copies of this book, and they are from the first series of 35 copies that have the round handmade corners on the covers! We have one additional unsigned copy that we will sell last (same price) unless - of course - you prefer an unsigned copy.

84 pages - Hardbound with semi-soft cardboard covers

Self-published, 2014 (500 copies)


New - Mint condition (except for 1st white page with ink marks from the facing page)

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