List of photobooks by photographer Campany, David

David Campany is a British writer, essayist, curator, artist and teacher working mostly in the field of photography.

His essays have appeared in numerous photobooks and monographs by or about famous photographers such as Stephen Shore, Harry Gruyaert, Lewis Baltz, Todd Hido, Walker Evans, etc.

David Campany has also published in his own name thematic books, essays and books of analysis of the media; among others: "Art and Photography" (Phaidon, 2003), "Gasoline" (Mack, 2013), "The Open Road - Photography and the American Road Trip" (Aperture, 2014), "a Handful of Dust" (Mack, 2015), "On Photographs" (Thames & Hudson, 2020).

© Self-portrait by David Campany

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  • Presentation by Thames & Hudson:  " Gain a new perspective on photography in this personally guided introduction to photographic images and what they mean by one of the leading writers and curators of our time. What shapes our response to a photograph? Where does the meaning we ascribe to it come from? And how important to our reading of it are the...

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  • Publisher's presentation : "a Handful of Dust is David Campany’s speculative history of the last century, and a visual journey through some of its unlikeliest imagery. Let’s suppose the modern era begins in October of 1922. A little French avant-garde journal publishes a photograph of a sheet of glass covered in dust. The photographer is Man Ray, the...

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  • From the publisher : "Gasoline presents 35 archive press images of gas stations taken between 1944 and 1995. They have been collected by writer David Campany, purchased from the photography archives of several American newspapers which have been discarding their analogue print collections and moving to the now ubiquitous .jpeg or .tif formats. Gasoline...

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