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NIhonjin is a beautiful series of portraits, realised mainly in Tokyo and Kyoto, of the inhabitants in their daily life and activities, in the streets, in the shops, in the public transportations...

A rather classical photography, yet animated and full of colors, and that connects (more than it opposes) what is often represented - with a foreign and distant eye - as the two ends of the Japanese culture: tradition and modernity.

A book with a warm touch, well printed on a very nice paper.

80 pages - Softcover

Self-published, 2013

New - Mint condition


  • Project presentation by Christopher Héry: "22:19 illustrates the wide range of emotions - fear, boredom, camaraderie, relief - that two young men have experienced during an intense 8-minute period. This book has been designed to slowly reveal the location, the story, and its ending, to the viewer in a cinematographic manner. Time is the key element here...

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  • .We are offering signed copies of the second edition.A 12-day love story, from the first hour to the last...Texts in English & Images by Thomas Boivin.108 pages - Softcover Self-published, 2016 (2nd edition - 380 copies) *Signed* New - Mint condition

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  • .Sold out.The portraits appearing in Ad Infinitum are from tombstones found in cemeteries in Hong-Kong.This series is a work both on the passage of time and the loss of memory, as the portraits all vanish little by little; and also on the disappearance of the individual within the humanity, as the vanishing process is similar to all the photographies and...