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State of Mind (*signed*)

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Presentation by the artist:

"State of Mind is a photographic series, and ultimately a book, about the individual quality of mysterious strangers.

The images were captured over a period of several years traveling in countries such as Japan, Portugal, Hungary, Malaysia, Spain, South-Korea, Romania, Russia, Taiwan - and what emerged is a visual narrative on the poetic quality of individuality and what it means to be lost in thoughts.

The State of Mind series is about the «thinking moments» and the uncertain atmosphere surrounding the people and places encountered on the way."

112 pages - Softcover

Self-published, 2013 (500 copies)


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Moreira, Nuno

Nuno Moreira (born in 1982) is a Photographer and Art Director from Portugal.  He studied Cinema but has always worked as photographer, educator and designer, being most importantly a self-taught image creator. Photo: ©Antonio Bracons
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