It’s beautiful when it flies (*signed*)

@ Former, Rinske

N/A - AV0214


Presentation on the artist's website :

"If you close your eyes,  
Do you fall?
Or do you fly?

As a child I dreamt of flying. Sometimes I actually felt the wind against my cheeks. Sadly, somehow aging goes hand in hand with the inability to believe in something so close to carelessness.

It’s beautiful when it flies is my attempt to refind this childlike state of openness. It’s an escape from reality and at the same time a revival of hope. I looked into the possibility of flying like a bird. During my search I met three men who had built ornithopters. These are man powered machines based on the flying mechanism of birds. These men have convinced me that dreams and desires may survive in the real world too. Everything is about hope, because when you reach for the unreachable, even the unrealized possibility gives you wings."

Many images are simply inserted, not bound. Texts in Dutch and English.

80 pages - Softcover

Self-published, 2016 (50 copies)

Format : 17 x 24 cm

*Signed & Numbered*

New - Mint condition

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