Push the Sky Away

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Presentation by André Frère: [Text in book in French only]

"Photographs of Piotr Zbierski are emotional, though dictated objective which I would call a philosophical reference to his, but also our own image durability, certain codes of meaning, the rules are the condensation of time in which the image was created.

The arrangement of these photographs – presented in a deeply thought-out way – creates a certain order of experiences, describing the passage of life of their author and – importantly – that “description” somehow à rebours, is focused not on personal experience of the Photographer, but on the encounter with a man in the world with its durability and variability, but also to the phenomenon of consistency of certain rituals expressive, gestures, emotions.

Sometimes human presence situates – which seems to be a carrier of Piotr photos – in a finding by itself the first pedigree and the ultimate religion symbol3, some of the original revelation, stored in countless personal and historical definitions of the forms that make up a particular chain, “Engaged in reality of the transcendent” (cycles Love has to be reinvented, and Stone was lost in the base).

Everything we see in the photographs is the image of the past. However, this photographs despite direct references to the author’s life (distant travel, to “edges” of the world, meetings, conversations, memories, anxieties, the desire to penetrate himself, breaking his own uncertainty, sometimes self- alienation to the other person and vice versa) are not autobiographical record of experience. These pictures seems to reflect the aspiration to grasp at one glance of the “sensitive eye” the miracle of life and at the same time the necessity of the naming from the beginning this miracle, penetrating their own experiences and read through it fate of the “the first man”.

Piotr photos are not a reflection of reality, instead they are the answer to existing reality : tame, known and unknown, repeatable and closed in one phenomenon, inhabited by dethroned gods of old beliefs and beset by fears of the civilization.
     -- Eleonora Jedlińska. "

Push the Sky Away is a trilogy contained in a book and an exhibition; made of 3 cycles (and 3 parts in the book) : « Dream of the white elephants », « Love has to be reinvented », « Stones were lost from the base ».

Please note that the titles of the 3 cycles and the foreword / poem by Patti Smith are in English, but the other texts in the book are in French only.

232 pages - Hardcover

André Frère Editions, 2016

Format : 22 x 28 cm

New - Mint condition

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Zbierski, Piotr

Piotr Zbierski is a young Polish photographer. He works with a 6x6 camera or polaroid In 2012, he won the prize for young photographer "Leica Oscar Barnack - Newcomer Award" for his series "Pass by me"; the same year, his work is presented at the Rencontres d'Arles festival. In 2016, his long-term project, presented in a triptych of three series and called "Push the Sky Away" is published by André Frère (French version) and by Dewi Lewis (English version). In 2020, he publishes "Echoes Shades" with André Frère, a sbody of work about beliefs and shamanism in various regions of the world. © Portrait taken from the website  Celeste Network (uncredited)
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