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The Eyes N°6 - spring-summer 2015 (100% English/French)

For this issue, The Eyes has decided change tack. We have chosen to reflect on the notion of territory. Whether geographical, political, legal, cultural or mental, it is consistently subject to friction, even conflict. Think of the refugee crisis and the reaction it elicited: barriers being erected along the borders of a number of Member States.
So how can such a shifting concept be captured photographically? One option was to ask photographers directly. We thus sent out a call for proposals to address territorial issues. We received 250 portfolios from all over Europe, and we would like to thank every participant for their contribution.
The 10 selected portfolios are presented in these pages.
Meanwhile, we also asked three very different persons – Michel Barnier, member of the European parliament; Arnaud Claass, photographer and photography theoretician; and Velibor Čolić, Bosnian writer and political refugee in France – to contribute their reflections on the notion of territory.
From documentary art to staging, via the postcard industry, the theme of territory brought together an extraordinarily diverse selection of works and perspectives.


Portfolio Maydan, Hundred Portraits by Emeric Lhuisset

Editorial by Rémi Coignet


  • Sneak peek  with Valérie Cazin, Daniel Blaufuks, Katarzyna Sagatowska, Barbara Ceferin


  • Dossier – Matters of TerritoriesYou and Me by Katja Stuke & Oliver SieberNIMBY – Not in My Back Yard by Geoffroy Mathieu & Jordi BallestaThe Unfinished by Julien LombardiAître sudète by Philippe Dollo25 Lemon Trees and No Gardeners by Klara Källström & Thobias FäldtUSE – United states of Europe by Jean-Marie DonatNacion Rotonda – The Roundabout Nation by Miguel Álvarez, Esteban García, Rafael Trapiello & Guillermo Trapiello

    The Maginot Line by Alexandre Guirkinger

    Dievs Daba Darbs by Vikorija Eksta

    You speak of Territory, and I say between two worlds by Velibor Čolić

    Territories are a chance for our societies by Michel Barnier

    European legends by Arnaud Claass


  • Conversation – Conversation with Joan Fontcuberta by Rémi Coignet
  • Reviews  Collections préhistoriques, L’Artière Collection, The Narcissistic City, Ceremony, AKB 80’S
  • Interview – Melos A European odyssey – Guillaume Le Brun by Charlotte Pons




  • A selection of photography events
  • Editorial by Vincent Marcilhacy
  • Rencontres d’Arles
  • The Eyes Talks
  • Agenda Europa – awards, festivals , exhibitions, galleries, photo books

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  • .In stock. First volume in a collection of long-format interviews made by writer, editor and journalist Rémi Coignet with photographers and leading figures of the photography and photobook publishing world. Among other interviews in this volume: Lewis Baltz, JH Engström, Paul Graham, Rob Hornstra, Pieter Hugo, Daido Moriyama, Michael Mack, Mathieu Pernot,...

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  • Presentation by The Eyes Publishing: " Conversations Vol. 3 is a book of interviews with contemporary photographers, conducted by Rémi Coignet, photobook critic. Since 2014, when the first volume was published, the aim is to give a prominent place to photographers, so that they can make their voices heard in the field of publishing, often forgotten in...

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