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Presentation on the artist's website:

"Since leaving University in 2010, Alma has been working on self-portraits, being her own willing and available model. More recently she has started taking portraits of other people and is interested in making work that has a disquieting or disconcerting resonance. Alma has always made things with her hands and now tries to find ways to combine her fine an background with photography. She has used origami in the past as props in her photographs, but in this series Cosmic Surgery the origami has becorne an integral part of the final image.

The series has three distinct stages. Firstly Alma photographs her sitter, then prints multiple images of the subjects face and folds them into a complicated origami modular construction, which then gets placed back onto the original face of the portrait. Finally the whole thing is re-photographed.

Origami is very meditative, you can get lost in the world of folding for hours. lt is also extremely delicate and fragile, so by giving each geometric paper shape somewhere to sit within the final image, the origami has been given a backbone.

There is something quite alien about the manipulated fates, as if they belong to some futuristic next generation. In these portraits the children become uncanny, while their parents are seen in a more familiar moment. With the simple act of folding an image Alma can transform each face and make a sort of flattened sculpture. By de-facing her models she has made their portraits into her own creations. "

A first edition of Cosmic Surgery was "published" in 2015 : 10 copies that were entirely hand-made. This second edition (we are offering signed & dated copies) was made possible through a KickStarter during the Winter / Spring 2016.

The book includes two "pop-up" pages, one folded origami attached to one of the pages, and 3 inserted booklets with texts and illustrations. Each copy also includes a code to download a musical piece / soundtrack to go with the project.

48 pages + booklets - Hardcover

Self-published, 2016 (500 copies)

Format : 19 x 24 cm


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Haser, Alma

Born in 1989 into an artistic family in the Black Forest, Germany, Alma Haser is now based in London and on the southeast coast. She is known for her complex and meticulously constructed portraiture, which are influenced by her creativity and her background in fine art. Alma creates striking work that catches the eye and captivates the mind. Photo: © alma haser
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