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"« We have long heard that New York and Paris were the most photographed cities in the world. This is undoubtedly true, it was, anyway. We quickly deduced that they were the most photogenic. It is not certain. Now the city, every town, from the largest to the smallest, are both a concern and a revelator of contemporary societies; a reservoir in images that seems endless.

Multiplying the cartes blanches to international photographers coming to dialogue with Chilean authors, Valparaíso, through its International Photography Festival, will quickly catch up with any delay. The port saw Sergio Larrain produce one of the most poetic and disturbing documentary work of the last century, and generates visions that enrich our marine imaginary and nuance our understanding of the city.

Coming from the South like Alberto García-Alix and its square photographs, or from the North, like Anders Petersen, favoring the rectangle and perceiving the local language in an abstract way, the major photographers confirm one thing: this city is a pretext, a pretext for photography. They both experienced Valparaíso, walked the same walks, but there’s no way we can make any confusion: their positions, their aesthetic choices remains unique.

Although they share a similar affection for the people, life, animals, signs, discovery, they are irreducibly different. But they have one thing in common: photography. »

           -- Christian Caujolle, for Festival Images Singulières  "

Text by Miguel Angel Felipe Fidalgo in Spanish and French.

Coproduced by FIFV - Festival Internacional de Fotografia de Valparaiso.

64 pages - Softcover w/ French flaps

André Frère Editions, 2016

Format : 16 x 23 cm

New - Mint condition

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  • Publisher's presentation (excerpt) :   [NB : texts in French only] "Cette conversation intime et familière est le fruit d’une collaboration de près de quinze années avec García-Alix. J’ai eu la chance d’être commissaire de la plupart de ses expositions sur cette période et j’ai pris part à de nombreux projets audiovisuels et éditoriaux qu’il a dirigés....

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  • Presentation by André Frère Editions: "This booklet is the first in a series of twelve that opens up the space for A's journeys, his physical journey through his wanderings, his excesses, his strained progress, his encounters. They will appear over the next five years, at a sustained rhythm. The form, if it can be startling at first, spins the...

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  • Publisher's presentation : "As an extension of the exhibition Anticorps Antoine d’Agata held at Le BAL (January-March 2013), the coordinators of Actes, une présence politique, in collaboration with the photographer, wanted to continue to assert the political dimension – too rarely taken into consideration – the photographic Antoine d’Agata work has, by...

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  • Publisher's presentation : "The images in AiTHŌ were made in 2014 at Villa Don Arcangelo all’Olmo (territorio di Carruba di Riposto), on the slope of the Etna."Texts by Leopoldo Maria Panero & José Águedo Olivares.104 pages - Hardcover André Frère Editions, 2015 (300 copies) *Signed* New - Mit condition

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