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Publisher's presentation :

"Retracing the photographic archive Viaggio in Italia (the important collection of 220 photographs from Luigi Ghirri’s project, produced in 1984 and including the work of twenty photographers committed to redefining the image of the Italian landscape while contemporaneously renewing the languages of Italian photography, today kept in the « Museo di Fotografia Contemporaneo »), Nicola Nunziata has created a project operating on a number of levels.

Reflecting on the notion of landscape – between individual experience and public repertoire, memory and aesthetic experience – and conducting a personal re-reading of the photographs of the artists who participated in the now legendary project, Nunziata investigated the substance of the original images kept in the museum’s archive: the formats, the material with which they were printed, the surface textures, the colours, the marks and traces on the back of the prints, the signatures of the authors, each single detail that expresses the history and sense of these images produced between the Seventies and early Eighties."

Text by Francesco Zanot in a 16-page booklet inserted in the book (bilingual English / Italian).

96 + 16 pages - Linen hardcover w/ illustrated glassine DJ

Fw:Photography, 2015

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