List of photobooks by photographer Gonzalez, Andres

Andres Gonzalez is an American artist and educator based in California.

From the artist's website : « His current work synthesizes in-depth research with the poetics of photography, looking for truths behind the fictional, mythic aspects of American history. »

In 2019, he publishes "American Origami" with Fw:Books, following a six-year research work on mass shootings in the USA.

© Portrait by Carolyn Drake (as shared on FB)

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  • Presentation by Fw: Books: " American Origami is the result of six years of photographic research, and results in a statement of over 700 photographs which closely examines the epidemic of mass shootings in American schools, weaving together first person interviews, forensic documents, and original photographs. The book takes the reader through a visual...

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