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"(in matters of) Karl is a research project about the ‘Höcker Album’.

The ‘Höcker Album’ is the private photo-album of SS First Lieutenant Karl Höcker. The album gives a unique insight in the conditions and ways of leisure of the Nazis who were working at Auschwitz during WW2. Most of these photos were taken around the so-called « Solahütte », only 30 km from Auschwitz.

In 2008 Annette Behrens travelled to the « Solahütte », and found it still intact and used as vacation rentals for tourists, with no reference to the historic background. In the following years Annette Behrens tried to reconstruct the history of Karl Höcker and the « Solahütte », using archives in Poland, Germany and the United States. (In matters of) Karl has over the years shifted into a project which questions the stage of the reproduced image, as well as the image as a form of evidence."

NB : The 'Höcker album' surfaced in 2007 – the only known album of photographs showing the everyday life and leisure of Nazis who worked at Auschwitz. The album’s owner was SS officer Karl-Friedrich Höcker, adjutant to the last commandant of Auschwitz, Richard Baer. The images, taken at a popular holiday cottage, show high-ranking officers and auxiliary personnel, who are depicted living a “normal” life, detached from their horrendous crimes...

This book was shortlisted for the "Aperture Foundation / Paris Photo 2015 - Photobook of the Year Award".

128 pages - Softcover

Fw:Photography, 2015 (600 copies)

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