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Position(s) is a retrospective and introspective essay on the work of French photographer Antoine d'Agata (Magnum Photos) known for images that are often raw or crude, sometimes pornographic or violent, but always captivating. One way or another these images always provoke strong reactions from the public.

124 pages - Softcover

Avarie, 2012

New - Mint condition (Sold in a glassine sleeve w/ an "Avarie" sticker)

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From the Press Kit :

"This project, conceived and executed by Giuliana Prucca with the photographer’s approval and close collaboration, seeks to depict Antoine d’Agata’s quest – “the inexorable course from void to void”.
With thoughtful stylistic choices, accurate studies on contents and a particular attention to the quality of subjects and materials, Giuliana Prucca introduces her activity as indipendent publisher specialised in international art and photo books.
The book is composed as a montage of texts and pictures, where words, sometimes descriptive, sometimes poetic, intersect with images in a narrative continuity. It combines the most concrete and significant examples of Antoine d’Agata’s activity with his more abstract body of thought following a process of inclusion which is already apparent in the photographer’s approach to life and art and which often translates into serial images and sequences “with neither beginning nor ending” and into a series of references, echoes and word repetitions.
The book’s graphic form seeks to reflect the meaning of d’Agata’s research which paradoxically leads toward the subject’s disappearance and the ego’s negation within the neutral spectrum of the image while insisting on an intimate involvement with its subject and a perfect amalgamation of art and life. It thereby places photography in the context of anonymity which is that of universal expression."

d'Agata, Antoine

Antoine d'Agata is a fine art photographer best known for his work about city-roaming and the sensation of being lost or not belonging; it is almost always associated with a quest for sensations of the extreme in the night-life and low-life neighborhoods of large cities around the world, and coupled with drug use and prostitution... Photo: © Paul Rousteau
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